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Opera Rose

3 October – 16 November 2013
Private View: 03 October 2013 18.00 – 21.00

A Brooks Art is pleased to present Opera Rose a solo show of new works by Jonathan Gabb.

‘With a painting, people expect paint on a canvas or pigment in liquid on a flat surface, I’m trying to do something different. I want to transform it into something else – the paint is freed from a fixed surface and can be viewed as an object.’

London based artist Jonathan Gabb’s sculptural paintings confound with every turn and corner. Gabb’s three-dimensional paintings combine acrylics with PVA glues to make unique forms. The eponymous title of the show at A Brooks Art Opera Rose refers to an electric pink acrylic paint. A paint colour whose name fascinates and is pink!, very pink! and very bright; however this work is an abstract and complex investigation into the layering of colour, light and form within space. This new work will be installed in a former Victorian florist and fruiterer now a gallery in Hoxton Street London and is a site-specific response to this regenerated space.

Critic Helen Sumpter suggests in her recent essay on Gabb: ‘It’s almost as if Gabb had taken something of the cool colour field paintings of Barnet Newman and turned them into something like the gestural action paintings of Jackson Pollock… These extraordinary artworks could also be seen as somewhat flighty but if they’ve become sculpture, paintings should at least stay fixed in their final form, shouldn’t they? Gabb’s paintings have no reticence in turning that convention upside down.

Talks and Events

As part of the Art Licks Festival Weekend 4th – 6th October 2013 a series of events will take place during the exhibition. Including:

  • Studio Visit: 6th October 2013 12-6pm. Jonathan Gabb’s studio in south London.
  • Art Skype: 6th October 2013 12-6pm. Visitors to A Brooks Art will be able to join the studio visit live with informal artist Q&A for gallery and studio visitors alike. Studio visit open in tandem with gallery opening and art skype 12-6pm.
  • Artist Talk: 7th November 2013 18.30-19.30. Book tickets here.


Jonathan Gabb is an artist who has been exploring the idea of paint as object since graduating from Cass school of art at London Metropolitan University in 2008. Winner of the WW Solo award 2012, Gabb has had his first solo exhibition at the WW Gallery in January 2013. He has participated in a number of group exhibitions at the Islington Arts Factory, the Royal College of Art and at the Gallery Miroslav Kraljevic.

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