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‘Places and Spaces’
28th & 29th October 2017
Folkestone Fringe 2017, Folkestone Kent

‘Places and Spaces’ for Folkestone Fringe 2017 delves into Michel Foucault’s Heterotopia; literally meaning ‘other place’,
a rich idea describing space on the edges with many layered meanings, for example; museums, holiday resorts, cemeteries, gardens, festivals and ultimately the ship. Delivered to architects in Paris in 1967 fifty years ago; architects, planners, urbanites and artists continue this debate today.

Feeling Grounded – Walking Yoga
Walking Yoga on the Beach Board Walk + Folkestone Triennial Artworks
10.00-10.45: Sat 28th & 29th Sun October 2017

Meet: Casa Anacoana Folkestone Beachfront (nr Harbour Arm)
Finish: The Red House Folkestone Beachfront (nr base of Folkestone Leas Lift)

Take time to ground yourself for the day ahead with this festival ‘Walking Yoga Encounter’ on the new Folkestone beach boardwalk alongside the sea. We aim to focus on the sensations of the body and breath, working together as we move through space, experiencing the walk from the inside-out and encountering Folkestone Triennial Artworks along the way. We start at Casa Anacoana the wonderful tropical pavilion by artist Sol Calero, taking in the Jelly Mould by artist Lubaina Himid, a space for contemplation and finishing at the red beachside Holiday Home by artist Richard Woods.

So wrap up for this gentle walking yoga class for all levels. Everyone is welcome to join either on Saturday 28th or Sunday 29th October. Please email Julia Riddiough to book for this special free Folkestone Fringe event as places are limited


A Wander Through Folkestone: Artist & Architect Led Walk
Start: 14.30 Folkestone Bath House and Pent River Terrace
Finish: 16.45 Folkestone Triennial Urban Room @ The Harbour Arm
Sat 28th October 2017

Image: Courtesy: Amanda Beckett / HoyCheong Wong FT2017

For Folkestone Fringe 2017 artist Julia Riddiough & architect David Kitt suggest a wander through land and seascape across the borders of place and space. Exploring how our behaviour manifests itself in locations that might provide us with new perspectives to ‘other’ places, that do not immediately meet the eye! This walk celebrates Folkestone’s unique and thriving arts ecology and architecture in an engaging and accessible way taking in Triennial artworks past and present and hidden secret gems.

Suggested Itinerary

The Folkestone Bath House and Pent River Terrace (Diane Dever FT 2014)
The Foord Viaduct & The Great Gold Train Robbery 1855
Green/Light (for M.R) (Jyll Bradley FT2014)
Half Way to Heaven (Em Peasgood FT2017)
Back Yards /The Mosque (Hoy Cheong Wong FT2017)
The Folkestone Bayle Garden & Pond & Shangri-La (FT 2008 Tracey Emin)
Room at the Top at The Grand Burstin Hotel (FF2017 Rachel Wilberforce)
The Urban Room: Customs House (FT 2017 Diane Dever) (FF2017 Sam Nightingale) Harbour Arm

Please join us after the walk for refreshments, talk and round up in The Urban Room
Everyone is welcome to join the conversation. This is a free event but places are limited to book please email

The events and walks curated by artist Julia Riddiough with Architect David Kitt are gatherings offering opportunities to share, reflect, and enjoy conversations whilst walking and connecting. Working with local practitioners, artists and artist led organisations this collaborative approach ensures local resonance,
with programmes relevant to local networks supporting the work of local artists & communities.


12noon/3pm/5pm 10 mins each performance
28th & 29th October 2017 Harbour Master Window
(overlooking The Urban Room: Customs House)

A tribute to Michel Foucault celebrating 50 years of Heterotopia literally meaning ‘other place’ shouting the odds to all and sundry and passers-by between the Harbour Master’s office and the The Urban Room on the  Harbour Arm.  A live performance with local architects and artists with more than a nod to the seminal ‘The Shouting Architects’ by Monty Pythons Flying Circus! What’s all the fuss about?


Across the Threshold: Places and Spaces
12.00–18.00: Sat 28th & Sun 29th October 2017

In our day to day lives we pass though many diverse spaces and often relate these to ourselves suggesting vocabularies, actions and emotions. For Folkestone Fringe 2017 two visual artists show work located in unique Places and Spaces found only in Folkestone.

Sam Nightingale: 
Forgotten Futures: modernist architecture of the british seaside town
The Urban Room: Customs House
12.00–18.00: Sat 28th & Sun 29th October 2017

Image: courtesy the artist

Forgotten Futures: modernist architecture of the british seaside town engages with modernist architecture found in British seaside towns. Sam Nightingale’s photographic images offer a visual reflection of sites that are out of time and space. The facades that Nightingale choses to photograph suggest a utopic forgotten future, once inscribed with social and politic ideals from the era of their construction, now in the contemporary are reflected back as heterotopic spaces.

Rachel Wilberforce Resort: a photographic intervention
Room at the Top at The Grand Burstin Hotel
12.00–18.00: Sat 28th & Sun 29th October 2017

Image: courtesy the artist

Encounter the photographic series ‘Resort’ by artist Rachel Wilberforce in a private hotel room at the top of the Grand Burstin Hotel and grab a bird’s eye view from a balcony taking in the grandeur of Folkestone, the Harbour Arm, and Folkestone Triennial artworks. Rachel Wilberforce explores the relationship between every day and ‘other’ space through photography and installation responding to sites with on the edge, hovering between different histories, uses and meanings.

This is free but please call to view 07876594398 and we will meet you in The Grand Burstin Hotel Foyer. Come and see the amazing views and this private and public space for yourself!

‘Places and Spaces’ 28th & 29th October 2017 selected by curator and artist Julia Riddiough is supported by Folkestone Fringe running alongside Folkestone Triennial 2017.