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Feast of Fools

6 June – 22 June 2013
Private View: 6 June (6-9pm)

A Brooks Art is pleased to present the Feast of Fools a solo show of recent and new works by the artist known as DRB.

“Nothing is as universal as the iniquitous and absurd.”
Mikhail Bakhtin

Full of carnivalesque humour this show is as wicked as it is absurd. Nothing is quite what it seems. DRB plays with the problem of reality, perception and with our cultural expectations of our most recent history. Real or imagined, copied or reflected identifying its context is as disorientating as it is disturbing. Even the artworks themselves appear to have their own pretensions beyond ‘objet d’art’ almost as if they have somehow hijacked the real art in transit to the gallery. Without turning everything upside down, it is often impossible to see beyond the context of the spectacle and the mass produced world we live in when all that is experienced has been replaced by images of itself.


DRB is a London born printmaking member of the West London Art Factory collective.
His approach to his practice is that of a poet or a storyteller so that every piece is laden with clues that can be read or deciphered that the viewer formulates having confronted the work. In that way he is crafting artefacts in the hope that they might act as prompts. In the very same way that a storyteller plays all the different characters that tell his story, DRB is no more less a fiction than the imagined artist imitating him.