Clip Cut Gel Project Documentary Film 2015

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Clip Cut Gel Project Documentary Film 2015

Clip Cut Gel is an ongoing series of artworks that are presented on the A Brooks Art online space, in local high street Barber shops and also at UK and overseas art festivals.

These works by Julia Riddiough consider what it means to be a man today; caught in an undefined and contradictory state this work explores masculinity from a range of perspectives. The Clip Cut Gel project includes four works that address male grooming, masculinity, gender politics and the gaze. These include: the photographic series; ‘Toy Boy’, ‘Rough Trade’ & ‘Play Boy’; the artist film ‘Clip Cut Gel’, the artist’s book Barber Shop and live performances by a Barber Shop Quartet.

This documentary film charts the story of Clip Cut Gel and is filmed in Margate where the project first began in 2014. We meet the artist in situ at the Barber shop where the original artist residency took place; where we encounter camaraderie and community, catching up with men as they are groomed, transformed and socialise together in their own space. As the Barber says style is not born – it’s groomed!

DVD: Colour and Sound 5’01”

Thanks: Simon Williams, Barry The Barber, Mario, EKCetera and Ken Flaherty