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A Brooks Art is a space of continual transformation, engagement and action. Working with artists to develop unique opportunities for critically challenging collaborations. After two years of delivering this work within a gallery context we are now in the process of evolution. Our future aims will span overseas artist residencies, online and virtual projects, UK regional creative enterprises as our physical space in London closes. Art holds the key to unlocking the collective imagination and engaging our society. So make the change with us and follow our new ventures and progress!

From August 2011 A Brooks Art was housed in a contemporary art space on Hoxton Street, London comprising art gallery, resource hub, archive and event space. The gallery showcased emerging and established artists to Shoreditch and London and furnished a platform to educate, celebrate and nurture artists with a series of exhibitions and creative enterprises.

A Brooks Art is organised and delivered through a trust and charitable entity. Trustees act as volunteers, advisors, facilitators and fundraisers and are a combination of artists and professionals bringing their individual expertise to the gallery. Our aim is to provide support, dialogue and opportunity to both creative work and learning and in turn help others to benefit from the same.

A Brooks Art has exhibited and partcipated in the following cultural projects:
London Art Fair
Deutsche Bank HQ Works on Paper
London Architecture Festival
Photomonth East London
Create London
Shoreditch Festival
Art Car Boot Fair
Artlcks Festival Weekend
Open East Festival

Information for press can be found here.