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The A Brooks Art residency offers a period of exploration and artist production to support the production of  new work in Marfa West Texas USA.

Both Marfa USA (desert) and Margate UK (coast) are unique locations that provide contrasting backdrops for artists to investigate, examine and experiment with their practice. Both towns offer fluctuating light and natural conditions that are a constant feature and whose recent history has also been informed by patterns of migration, architectural change, art and regeneration.

The A Brooks Art Residency and the Marfa/Margate Project is a cross-disciplinary creative enterprise that aims to develop a network of small-scale art residency spaces in distinct and diverse locations; enabling new relationships, connections and ways of engaging. With positive intent to foster opportunities we are not necessarily in search of outcomes but in creating partnerships that will shape future enterprises and enhance cultural exchange.

Residency #1: Sam Nightingale
Residency #2: Christine Finn

A blog for the residency has been set up and be followed here